Aug 4,2012

Literally just got back from an amazing time in LA again. This time it was a surprise :3 as an early birthday gift I was taken to LA to watch the premier concert: Pixar in Concert with the Hollywood Bowl Philharmonic. As music from the film played upon the stage it matched the exact timing on the screen, beautifully played. It was beyond amazing, I’ve been wanting to attend a symphony concert at the Bowl, because its so beautiful at night up there in the mountains, so secluded. Nothing but you, the beautiful night sky, the shining moonlight, music, and a respectful audience. This was seriously one of the BEST birthday gifts ever, I am soo grateful. This was incredible, I really want to go back. :3 thank you older sister :)  

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  1. omakase said: so cool :3, makes me wish I had an older sibling
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