Oct 1,2014

i cant stop watching japanese vines.

they are so funny.

*distracting myself*

Oct 1,2014
6,735 plays
Artist: Yo-Yo Ma
Trackname: Prelude (From the Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007)

Oct 1,2014

gosh, people in my class are sooo mean LOL

they are soooo vague about what was on the lab practical today.


sooo mean!

i help them so they should help back what the


preferably before thrusday.


Sep 30,2014
Anonymous said: can you play lol with me


i want ichigomilk

but no i shall not play leagues

Sep 30,2014
Anonymous said: perfect night out in paris?

dinner, in a tiny cute cafe like restaurant that we find in the alley. 

probably seeing a symphony or just eating dessert while walking around.

OHH or go out to a jazz club and dance the night away!

 staying out till 3 am to see the empty streets of paris, because the cobble stones and lamp posts are so beautiful, kind of a sepia type of mood. 


Sep 30,2014
Anonymous said: yeah he does do music on youtube...oh no i am scared now. what should i do

i am not saying that he is a player or whatever.

but with musicians on youtube would like to pursue and focus mainly on their dreams or their individualistic goals, and i am not sure if this guy might want to be in a relationship maybe hes just more like a hang out type of guy but it might be hard to like a guy who is here and there.

l dont know much of your story but get to know him first before becoming head over heels :) goodluck!  

Sep 30,2014
Anonymous said: to have things short, i like this guy and he is kind of well known on tumblr and youtube but like we met and we did couple things of course it was him he initiated it. i am scared that he just doesnt mean it i mean we dont live in the same city either what would you do ?

if he is well-known and he does his own thing like for instance ‘music’ or i dont know music is all i can think of out the top of head, cause you mentioned youtube, you have to watch out for yourself cause hes out there promoting and etc around . i think its cool that he initiated those things, but at the sametime careful cause you may never know if he talks to other girls like that, or does those things to them . honestly, i would stay as friends and dont take to heart to what he did cause you dont want to get hurt. so get to know him better before thinking more deeply of the physical things you did, get on more of a emotional level, if you can.